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A Lawyer with First Hand Experience

Bill Marshall’s experience in the healthcare-industry started in his first job with one of the nation’s largest international healthcare providers in the healthcare industry, both in the corporate headquarters of the largest hospital company in the United States and then as Chief Financial Officer at the company’s 342 bed general acute care hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. He’s been in the shoes of his clients and intimately knows the challenges they face.

Today, most attorneys within large law firms who are recent law school graduates are placed directly into a Health Law Department but are trained only to work on healthcare matters. Bill Marshall, on the other hand, worked in the healthcare industry before joining the State’s then second largest corporate law firm, and because of his prior experience within the healthcare industry, as well as his bringing many healthcare clients to the firm, he was made a full partner in the firm within three years. He was initially one of the only healthcare lawyers in the firm. 

Because he had already received his CPA license, having already fulfilled the five-year experience requirement within the field of accounting before joining the firm, he gained valuable experience in Tax Law while serving as the chair of the Tax Law Group within his firm. He was also a member of the Corporate Law Group, the Finance and Banking Group, and the Real Estate Group within the law firm.

Therefore, in addition to a Health Law attorney, Bill has extensive experience in:

  • Tax Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Finance Law
  • Real Estate Law

The Bill Marshall Difference

Many of the nation’s largest publicly traded and privately-owned healthcare companies, tax-exempt hospitals and systems, and publicly owned hospitals and health systems, have sought Bill’s counsel on complicated issues such as:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  •  Joint Ventures
  • Physician Alignment
  • Medicare Reimbursement Issues
  • Stark & Fraud and Abuse Compliance
  • Patient Privacy Regulations
  • Government Investigations
  • Commercial Finance
  • Securities and Real Estate Transactions

Many of Bill’s client relationships began the day that he formed the legal entity for the client and continued until the client was sold to a larger company, making the founders very wealthy. This was possible due to Bill’s connections within the healthcare industry, making him not only counsel, but a strategic business partner to those clients.

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